Visual Imagery

Week 11 Reflection :

In Ch.2 ” the Nature and Power Of Image”  Barry tackled a very impressive issue which has various angles to look at. All the civilizations and cultures were manifested through symbols and images,even the languages. People get to know about other values, attitudes and life styles by perceiving the images that depict their daily life and the experiences that they pass through. Images express feelings, facts and emotions in a much further aspect. If two persons look at the same picture they can have different conceptions that are related to their experiences, visual and mental image.If we try to verbalize the paintings of Picasso as an example everyone will describe them from his perception of his own life but at the same time  he couldn’t capture the genuine picture through words.

I will quote what T.S. Eliot said in his masterpiece” The Four Quartets ” images not words that communicate deeply” and I would like to add my own expression that ” images are louder than Speech” because images are more profound and deep and they are a way of better communication. I agree with the idea that says that images are a kind of multimedia display because through the picture you can use your multiple intelligence to interpret what you see, touch, smell, hear from the image in a way that it gives you a comprehensive idea about the whole scene ,also you can use your creativity in relating it to your own world and other cultures and conceptions.

Some people aren’t able to visualize or see pictures through their imaginations . Once I was  doing a relaxation exercise by imagining a safe and quiet place. In this activity I was able to relief and sooth my feelings after along tiring day. Not by dreaming but by moving to a better place through visualization. When I tried to help my worried and stressed friend by applying this techniques, she was unable to imagine anything and whenever she closed her eyes , it was very hard even impossible to her to imagine anything as she said . This incident gives me an insight that it isn’t the same with everybody, maybe I used to picture things and perceive them in my mind or maybe the stress of my friend was so overwhelming that it hinders her imagination.

In Gerland-Thomson article, he presented different kinds of images for persons with disabilities to show that disability is a culturally fabricated narrative of the body, similar to what we understand as fictions of race and gender.I do believe that some advertisements, mass media and propaganda exploit the pictures of some persons for political, social, economical and personal purposes, especially when they look for Donner or sponsorship or when they want to be elected or nominated for a specific position. This fact implies high stigma and dehumanization in some respects that show normal people and persons with special needs as  materials and substances for promotion. On the other hand some images manifest the creativeness of some of these persons when they challenge the hardships and obstacles of their lives and surpass the difficulties by proving their capabilities and talents in achieving  their goals and fulfilling their dreams and ambitions.

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